ACSAthensGlobal is a non-profit Association created to professionally connect alumni, community and friends of ACS Athens (American Community Schools), the top international JK-12 school in Greece, founded in 1945.


If you attended ACS Athens, were or are a parent, faculty or staff member or a "Friend" of the institution, we welcome you to join our directory by completing the simple application form.

Our Purpose:

A.        Facilitate communications among the members of the ACS Athens Advisory Council as a group and

           individually and ACS Athens.   


B.        Coordinate with ACS Athens individuals who might be interested in supporting the institution. 

C.        Organize events promoting the mission and vision of ACS Athens,


D.        Organize events promoting the ACS Athens accomplishments,

E.        Organize educational and cultural events in line with the mission and vision of ACS Athens,

F.         Be an Ambassador of ACS Athens, promoting programs or items of importance for ACS Athens.


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