The purpose of these awards is to:

  • recognize the important professional and community contributions that ACS Athens alumni are  making globally
  •  showcase and honor our alumni who have demonstrated outstanding achievements
  •  profile ACS Athens by recognizing the accomplishments of its alumni
  •  connect alumni, ACS Athens and the wider community
  •  reach out to and strengthen alumni pride and bond to ACS Athens


  • Committee Members and award recipients must be registered members of the ACS Athens Global Association (
  • Only registered members of the ACS Athens Global Association will be eligible to nominate candidates for this award, and must be an alumnus, faculty or Emeritus faculty member.
  • Posthumous nominations will not be considered
  • Recipient must be present to receive the award, unless there are  exceptional circumstances
  • ACS Athens Board Members and Employees are not eligible due to conflict of interest.

Selection Criteria

The ACS Athens Global Achievement Awards recognize ACS Athens Alumni (The American Community Schools of Athens) for their achievements and contributions to the social, cultural, and economic well-being of society through show of excellence, leadership, innovation and ethics.  ACS Athens alumni are individuals who attended the institution for at least one year.  There must be more than one nomination for each category.

These qualities will be measured by:

  •          Prominence and recognition in their field
  •          Consistent record of excellence and achievement
  •          Display of innovative and effective approaches to challenges
  •          Show of character through ongoing and positive effect on their field and/or other people
  •          Ethos


The Selection Committee will consist of two Board of Trustees members (one alumnus), two ACS Athens Alumni, and two members of the ACS Athens leadership team.  The Ex-Officio will be the President of ACS Athens. 
The Organizing Committee will consist of at least one alumnus and one ACS Athens administrative member.

The Awards Committee will be responsible for final approval of Process and Criteria.

The Awards Committee with be responsible for final selection approval.

Awards ceremony and dinner will take place in May of each year, in a US city chosen by the Committee.

Nomination form will be uploaded on

Nominations will be received through the site until October 1, 2016.

Nominations may be submitted by a nominator for more than one nominee in a particular year.

Nominations that are unsuccessful will be made known to the nominators by email. Nominations may not be made for oneself.

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